Geothermal energy overview

Well before going into the details of geothermal energy, it’s very important to know the working of this type of energy. So let’s discuss various aspect of Earth’s heat energy including how a man can get benefit out of it? Literally, it’s the heat energy which is stored in subsurface of Earth as its name indicates “Geo” stands for Earth and “Thermal” stands for Heat. When we talk about the mechanism of its formation, it is derived from the decay of radioactive material in the subsurface of Earth. On certain locations within the Earth’s surface, there is an abnormal concentration of the radioactive material. Some times this radioactive material is located near the surface waters. Visit us at:

Geothermal energy

In past, people had no idea about geothermal energy and they used to speculate about this heat coming from inside of Earth. But at present, people have a good awareness about this energy and their thought is very different for this energy. Now it’s considered to be potentially a very vital form of energy which is renewable. It is considered to be renewable energy source because warm water which transfers the heat energy is recharged by the rain water and the cycle repeats again with the radioactive decay and heat is produced again.

The excellent aspect of the Earth’s heat energy is that it is multipurpose and most dependable energy form. It has the capability to produce the electricity and no green house gases are associated with the fossil fuels combustion. So, it’s a very powerful form of energy which is produced by the accumulation of heat energy within the surface of Earth. The hot water and steam is usually pulled upon the surface by deep wells from the subsurface of Earth.

Origin of Geothermal Energy
It’s very important to know that from where this geothermal energy originates. Magma the molten rock material in the core of the Earth acts as a source of heat. The source of heat in the core is the decay of radioactive material like potassium and uranium. This heat energy is distributed throughout the surface of Earth. The distribution of this energy is not even. It is bit more concentrated in geologically active areas especially in the areas where active and young volcanoes are located.

how geothermal energy works

This Earth’s heat energy can really help us out in different ways i.e. the water of fishing farms can be warmed up with the help of it. The fishing farm water is warmed and this heated water makes the conditions more suitable for many different types of fishes that would not be able to live normally in any other conditions. Some limitations are there regarding this type of energy because the most proficient sources of this energy are distributed in only those areas which are volcanically active. Another limitation is the high distance of core from the Earth surface. Many times this heat energy doesn’t get upon the Earth’s surface and it cannot be brought up by drilling far deep beneath the Earth surface. Subsurface geological setting can also play very important role in bringing this energy upon the surface. Geothermal energy will soon or later become an important part of our daily life!

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