Interior Design Courses

The interior design field is continually changing and is getting more competitive as years go by. Click here to visit FES Because of this, individuals who want to make careers out of interior design are also beginning to take on more courses that will hike up their qualifications. Most are willing to take on diverse courses that will help them become better educated and well prepared to take on the rigors of being interior designers.

To be able to become a professional interior designer, you must take on a licensing test under the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). The requirements for taking this test is two years of interior designer course schooling as well as four years work experience in the field. Melbourne HQ here However, you can also qualify for the licensing exam if you had four years of schooling in a college or a university that is accredited by the Foundation of Interior Design Education Research (FIDER) and work experience of only two years. In the past, there were interior design schools or centers that offered interior design courses. Now, there are many colleges and universities that offer interior design as a major for a bachelor’s degree. If you want to be more qualified, then you could opt to get a higher education by taking on a masteral or a doctorate in interior design.

However, formal interior design schooling does not mean that all courses you take must be on interior design. Thank you for your interest You should branch out more and take in more classes that will help you become a better interior designer. If you are really serious in becoming an interior designer, then you should consider taking an AutoCAD class, which is a drafting course with the help of computers. If you know how to use the AutoCAD software program, then you are on your way to commanding a higher starting pay than those who have no knowledge of it.

Courses in interior design must also be interspersed with business and marketing classes. You have to know that interior design classes are somehow lacking when you are already working, if they are not aided by knowledge on how to deal with the business and how to market your services. You have to take note that ninety percent of the interior design field is contacts, marketing, networking and selling. Seven percent of it is spent on paperwork while only three percent is relegated to design. For you to be able to make the best sales pitch, it is even better if you take on some acting classes as well.

If you want to be more competitive in the field of interior design, then don’t limit yourself to the normal offerings when it comes to interior design courses. There are still many classes that you can take that will certainly increase your worth as an interior designer. Taking art classes is also one way of placing yourself apart from others. You will better convince your clients on your design schemes, if you are able to sketch them out while you give out your pitch. You should also consider taking classes on the history of furniture, arts and antiques, as these are important components in interior design. Also research the various interior design graduate programs available.

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