Plugins For Integrating Twitter To WordPress

Many users find the phenomenon of Twitter’s popularity very annoying and can’t figure out why this social network have so many registered accounts but still all of us have to admit whether we like Twitter or not that most of the Internet users browse Twitter everyday and find it very useful to have a chance to connect with their Twitter accounts from other sites and platforms talk to random people. Luckily WordPress-based blogs also support Twitter and can offer both for Twitter and WP fans and blog owners a number of integrated tools helping to add some useful Twitter features right to a WP blog.

And we strongly recommend to WP blog owners for promoting and improving their blogs to add these plugins and tools we will enumerate further in order to draw attention of more users. In a case you don’t want your blog just to be a place where you publish posts and wait for the comments most of which can be considered as spam and want to turn your blog into a huge and interactive social community then do not hesitate and add all these plugins and tools for integrating Twitter to WordPress:

1) TweetSuite Plugin.
What does this plugin can add to your WP blog? Foremost TweetSuite developed by Zarella can integrate common to all Twitter fans tweetbacks right to your WP blog. All these tweetbacks can be added to all your posts and this means that if any user tweets about a certain post on your blog it is automatically added to this list of tweetbacks. Then users retweet these added tweetbacks and can select to click on the link titled as “tweet this” to declare about this post at your WP blog in their Feed on Twitter. Due to the fact this button “Tweet this” is totally automated a user has to click on it and that is all. Besides this plugin for WP can boast a number of useful widgets for a sidebar, involving such widget as the “most tweeted posts” and “recently tweeted posts” so you could follow and respond to all updates in a quick way. Besides you can by means of TweeterSuite tweet any new post from WP to your Twitter Feed.

2) “Twittar” or “Twitter Avatars in Comments” Plugin.
The so-called gravatars obtain huge popularity nowadays because they can visually make any blog more attractive and interesting to read. Due to the fact most of users do not belong to tech-savvy people they can’t boast knowledge and solid background in creating their own gravatars. That is why there are so many “blank” avatars fields left in the comments boxes. To fix this one can use special plugin developed by Ricardo Sousa for Smashing Magazine and called as “Twittar” which gives a chance to make your profile upgraded with a gravatar by finding one using your e-mail address linking with your Twitter account. In such way you can apply and add gravatars to other sites including WP blogs using Twitter resources.

3) TwitterCounter Plugin.
You can advertise your WordPress blog among your RSS feeders but it is tempting as well to promote it among all your Twitter followers, right? If you answer is “yes” boldly install on your WP blog TwitterCounter plugin. Its main function is to integrate Twitter badges to your WP website. In such way you can advertise your blog among a huge amount of people, your virtual friends and followers and increase the value of your WP based site which can be very profitable.

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